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Find Your Feet / Sole Searching

My 'aha' moment came one day as I was putting my shoes back on after a pilates class. Having learnt what dancers and yogis have always understood - the powerful connection between feet and core, I wondered why I gave so little thought to the way that I moved when I wasn’t on the mat. 

I realized the shoes I was wearing outside the studio were dulling my senses and core connection from the ground up. In ballet flats I felt myself clawing my toes to hold on, flip flops made my back hurt, and sneakers felt over-padded and restrictive.


I wanted a shoe that would allow my feet to be grounded, improving the communication with my core and helping me move better through my everyday routine. Oh - and look great at the same time. But despite some serious sole searching I couldn’t find any shoe that had the perfect balance of comfort and control, form and function.

I decided to create the shoe I had been looking for. I teamed up with movement experts and designers to embed the idea of Mindful Movement® into a simple, beautiful shoe. Together, we came up with some great innovations that take into account how the whole body moves and provide just the support you need and no more. 

So here they are! Lissom Flyte are designed to gently encourage conscious steps, to give you increased awareness and tune with your whole body starting from the ground up. 

Super pretty, light and flexible - you’ll never want to take them off. Sounds good, right?


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